Here I’m in Jakarta!

Some people said if you have a dream you must take a step foward for making it real. Having an internship at Jakarta is my first step to be closer to my dream, become a good communicator, smart, have a huge relations and network, and the biggest one is being an educator (not now…)

Yes, here I’m in Jakarta now, from Augt until Nov, 30th.

Here in Intermatrix Communications (IMX), for far information about IMX just click…

IMX is one of the best PR consultant in Indonesia (as my knowledge of course ;p) and Media handling is our strength and most of the client are satisfied with our work….

Through this blog you can enjoy and join with me all experience I have and will get in Jakarta….

are you ready?

Let’s start….

Published by lidya

2007 I'm Lidya, twenty something, from Jember to Surabaya and now in New Zealand for next 2 week. I wanna share you my experiece in NZ, especially my visiting programme in Auckland University of Technology. Are you ready? Let's start.... ---------------------- -20 sept 2009- im in Jakarta right now, joining PPE in Bank CIMB NIAGA. best, LW 2010, KL I'm not a girl anymore, this year I will be 25 years old. Yes, here I am. Officially i start my work on 2010 at CIMB Niaga, and for this 3 month ahead (Augt-Nov) I am working at CIMB Group Malaysia. Thanks God for this opportunity. I am so blessed!

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