Luna Maya Trees

There is a story about ‘trees’.

Have you ever watch sinetron Anggun? It was a romantic story that showed on SCTV view months ago. On the opening session (if you still remember) you can see beautiful trees while Luna Maya the main actress run away with her wedding gown.

Wow, I see the trees!!

actionnnnn ^^

Its look beautiful as seen on the glass box.

My friend told me that Luna Maya ever been there for her film.

So I called it Luna Maya Trees.

Luna Maya Trees

You wanna see it?

You can find it at Jababeka City, near President University.






Published by lidya

2007 I'm Lidya, twenty something, from Jember to Surabaya and now in New Zealand for next 2 week. I wanna share you my experiece in NZ, especially my visiting programme in Auckland University of Technology. Are you ready? Let's start.... ---------------------- -20 sept 2009- im in Jakarta right now, joining PPE in Bank CIMB NIAGA. best, LW 2010, KL I'm not a girl anymore, this year I will be 25 years old. Yes, here I am. Officially i start my work on 2010 at CIMB Niaga, and for this 3 month ahead (Augt-Nov) I am working at CIMB Group Malaysia. Thanks God for this opportunity. I am so blessed!

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  1. Waduh emang sih lokasinya keren banget.
    Nggak nyangka aja lokasi itu dibuat untuk syuting sinetron.
    Tapi sorry nih, aku nggak pernah liat sinetron belakang ini jadi nggak ngerti adegan yang kamu maksud 🙂
    Oh ya gimana sih caranya masang Flickr di WP? Aku nyoba kok nggak bisa ya?
    Lam kenal. 😉

  2. Hye there. From what I’d read from your blog, you have watch Anggun before ryte? Hmm.. May I know how is the ending? There’s my email add if you would like to tell me bout it.

  3. aku juga minat bangat si sama luna maya..aku nonton sinetron anggun dari epi 1 to final tau…walupun aku dari malaysia..wah..untung si klu luna maya jd isteri gue..ada e-mailnya luna maya ga? kasi gue dong..

  4. hmm hmm hmm…. inikan jalan d dpan skolahan w…. bukannya d dpan SDI Al-Azhar 12, SMPI Al-Azhar 16 ya??? ko ga di sebutin sihh?? kan deketan sama Al-Azhar…. di depannya malahh!! huaaa…. lain kali disebutin yeaa!

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