Welcome to Auckland

26 07 2008

Auckland, 20th July 2008,

Today I arrive in Auckland, I guess it is the biggest city in New Zealand. First time when I step out from the plane, I have not surprised yet with the Airport, until I past in front of a board telling the prohibit things to be brought in to New Zealand. It said “You just choose, whether you want to dispose or declare that stuff.” I see that board and stuck to my self, for the photo on that board capture about chicken, fish and…. Wooden drum! What a surprising matter. I think is it okay bringing that stuff because that is an artificial product, not the real leather. But the photo on that board does’t say so. Fortunately, I only need to declare it and the officer permit me to bring that drum. Fiuhh… Thanks God it’s over.

Then, I and my partner Tiara exit the airport. Beside the gate, Rosemary Brewer, the programme leader of Communications Department, has been waiting for picking up me and Tiara to the City. Thank you so much Mam ;). It takes almost 40 minutes from the airport to the hotel.

Welcome to The Island of White Clouds

Welcome to The Island of White Clouds

Mrs. Rosemary giving us some directions, if we want to go around the city. Arriving to the Quest Hotel in Queen Street, we take a rest for a while. Then at 3 pm we go out looking for a money changer place for we don’t have any NZD. Luckily we get a good conversion for our US$. We start to find the place of AUT and China grocery.

Sky Tower

Sky Tower

A long the way, I see many people in variety of races. In my opinion, this fact of diversity will make NZ as one of the beautiful and peaceful city in the world. Since NZ has multicultural life, there is no doubt for everyone from any races to stay here. All people have the same right to maintain their life well and stay in harmony. (LW)




5 responses

29 07 2008

Bahasa inggrisan, aku ra pati iso! ngapunten lho

29 07 2008

oleh2 nih 😀

1 08 2008
afwan auliyar

mau…mau….jalan2 ke luar negeri
wah, memang beda yak dengan indo !?!? 😀
lam kenal

4 08 2008

yang paling beda hawanya lumayan dingin…

makanan pada mahal 😦 dan kurang cocok di lidah…

jadi pingin cepet balik,,,

tapiiii… selebihnya… FUN!

6 11 2008

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