Network Society

22 04 2009

Hari ini saya membuka folder sent items di dalam email dan saya menemukan sebuah esai singkat tentang Network Society. Saat itu terekam saya mengirimkan pada tanggal 13 Februari 2006, demi mengikuti “Asian World EXPO in Hongkong.” Dasarnya dulu semangat-semangatnya ikut lomba. Iseng-iseng berhadiah. Hanya, kali ini sudah iseng tapi tidak dapat hadiahnya :(. Selamat membaca dan tinggalkan jejakmu dengan berkomentar.


Network Society

The internet is the fabric of our lives. If IT (Information Technology) is the present-day equivalent of electricity in the industrial era, in our age the Internet could be likened to both the electric grid and the electric engine because of its ability to distribute the power of information throughout the entire realm of human activity, said Manuel Casteils in his passages of The Internet Galaxy (2001).

Casteils uses the term ‘the internet’ to denote ‘the network society’ and this is a distinction Robert Hassan (Media, Politics and the Network Society, 2004) will take up below. The point is that the applications and devices that connect from the internet and connect us to it are growing in number and in sophistication all the time. These are deepening and widening the realm of network and the growing numbers of people connected to it and who make it a ‘society’.

The network society is concerned with the incorporation of masses people, with distributed systems, interconnecting networks, processes, business-to-business and people-to-people. In short, digital networks have become an integral part of modern capitalism. Over the space of what was a very short Phase One of the Digital Revolution, it now seems almost unimaginable to envisage a form of capitalism, economic globalization and much of social and culture life that does not have digital networks at its centre less centre. The revolution, in other words, has been normalized.

Finally, proving the network society is not just a dream. It is a must. Every country should prepare itself facing globalization by digitized their ‘lives’. Especially for Indonesia. Indonesia should prepare young generation for facing the new era of society, network society; by open their mind for the reformation and revolution in their life, included new technology and global information.

As a world leader, I will promote young generation for trying to learning by doing increasing their knowledge, not only for them but also for their country. Maximize their capability although in limited facilities. The important thing is not just proving the digital technology but the digital morality.

Compose by LIDYA WANGSA (070417147). I’m a student of FISIP UNAIR, Communication Department. I hope you still give me a chance joining the great event in Hongkong. Thanks. God bless.





4 responses

22 04 2009

saya mau ninggal jejak mbak.. salam kenal ya, syukur2 mau kunjungi balik.. hehe.. nggak maksa lho..

25 04 2009
Kayla Tahzan

Barter Link ya mas?

17 05 2009

ayo lidya….. berjuang bersama2 hehehe

19 11 2009

Ga apa apa ga menang, buat pengalaman aja mbak 🙂

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