My days in Malaysia

20 08 2010

1st day
I arrived in Malaysia on Thursday (18 August 2010) afternoon. Thanks God I am not alone, I am with Tia. We have a nice flight although the plane has been delayed for 30 minutes. The Human Resource Department of C!MB Group has arranged a driver for us. Having all the luggage in hands, Tia sent the driver text message, telling that we already in Malaysia, one of us brings red luggage. He replied it, and asked us waiting in 6th gate. But something happened, He didn’t know that we are both women. Shien, one of HR department only give him the print out that consists of our flight number and my name. He thought that Wangsa/Lidya are two person, man and woman, in fact that’s my full name. At that time, we given up can’t find the driver. But somehow, I just called his name, “Oh, Pak Sudar where are you?” And at the same time, I turned back and I saw a man in C!MB’s uniform staring at me and answered, “Yes, I am Sudar.” He tried to explain, actually he already saw us with my big red luggage, but he thought, it should be not two ladies. I tell him that is my full name, Lidya Wangsa. Haha.. It’s okay sir! Pak Sudar is very nice guy. He told us about Malaysia, and from His story we found that He is Javanese, but born in Malaysia.
1 hour later, we arrived in Peninsula Hotel. The hotel is in front of C!MB Office in Jalan Semantan. We will stay at this hotel for 3 months ahead. Hmm.. Wish me luck! (LW)




3 responses

16 02 2011
inti kk

Info menarik dan boleh sekali dicoba, Makasih buat infonya dan sukses selalu.

19 10 2011

salam buat upin ipin yah…
adek saya ngefans banget sama dia…hehehe

19 12 2011
Di Jual Rumah

nice post 😀
Salam kenal yah 😀

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