Denias On Perspektif Baru

27 09 2007

Today, Ari Sihasale and Nia Zulkarnaen join the Perspektif Baru on Radio.

Conducted by Wimar Witoelar, Ari told about the latest film which winning a lot of awards, Denias.

True Story about the Papua’s Child who struggling for having school.

Ari was born in Papua which actually is Ambonese.. but He stated that his home land is Papua.

Through this film, Ale (his nick name) wanna share the beauty of Papua and YES! you can see and feel it whenever you wacth the film…

For the next, Ale and Nia will make a new film with same core, the struggle of an educator on Jambi…

Surely, both of them are good person, so charming and have a goodwill for diging up the story of ordinary people…