Becoming “Sexy”

20 06 2008

Nowadays, many of young people are not satisfied with their physical appearance. Cruel hair is straightened; dark skin is whitened and so on. Yes, getting a feel that she or he is imperfect, they try to change it to be ‘the perfect one’, though ‘the perfect one’ sometimes is not the best one.

          Then, what is the best one? How to manage our appearance in to an appropriate way?

          It’s easy! Just be your self. Do not ever treat yourself with others standard, such as beauty is pain, beauty is white, or beauty is slim, etc. Try to make a standard which is comfortable for you, and of course still follow the basic rules (e.g.: cleanness, smell good). It doesn’t matter if you can not go along with the latest trend of fashion. Though, if you want to follow the trend is not a crime. But, be clean and aromatic it a must.

          I, my self, am a kind of person that still believes on the power of inner beauty. In my opinion, building and maintaining our inner beauty are as important as taking care of our body. Think positively and attempt to behave mannerly will boast your inner beauty. More over, try to smile everyday for it makes you in good health and trust me you will feel younger.

          Joining a club of hobby or an organization will enhance your confidence too. By trusting your self you will no doubt about your appearance. From those activities, joining club and organization, you can enlarge your network that means you will have more new friends. Just remember, true friends don’t expect you to be fashionable. On the other hand, they will encourage you to be your self.

          Back to the inner beauty topic. Inner beauty is linked very closely with individual character. A good character, according to some expertise, is more precious than a good looking. Therefore it is essential for everyone who wants to be a charming people.

          However, having a good character is not instantaneousness; need a long process to achieve it. Considering this complicated conditions, everyone should makes an attempt to train itself in to a good manner since a good manner reflecting a good character.

          Last but not least, life is a choice and to choose. You may have a choice to follow the trend, or do not care about it. It is up to you for every human being has a free will. But then please keep in your mind that we are living in a society and we can not live alone. Consequently, we should make sure that our appearances have been appropriate or not, so it may not disturb others. Appropriate look does not mean just good look or good body but more importantly good character and good manner. Through this effort you can enjoy your life and find out how beautiful you are for you are a special creation, God has made and He loves you. So do not shame and take a pity of yourself, just be confidence and be your self. Let’s looked towards your mirror and say: “I am beautiful, no matter what they said!”